CTC at a Glance

CTC at a Glance
  • The annual enrollment for the 2017 Academic Year (AY) at Columbus Technical College was 4,676 students.
  • During AY2017, Columbus Technical College boasted a total job placement rate of approximately 99.1% with nearly 86% in field (this includes continuing education, military, and employed in a related field).
  • About 90% of all Columbus Technical College graduates are employed within 50 miles of Columbus.
  • Nearly all Columbus Technical College students receive some sort of financial aid. In AY2017, 2,526 students received the federal Pell grant, 1,942 earned HOPE, 660 collected Veterans Assistance, 60 were awarded local scholarship monies, 7 qualified for Vocational Rehab funds, and 10 were assisted through the Dislocated Worker program.
  • Residents of Columbus, Georgia make up 60.6% of the student body of Columbus Technical College. Nearly all of the remaining students reside in a county adjacent to Muscogee County.
  • AY2017 saw 928 students graduate from Columbus Technical College. The college awarded 872 Technical Certificates of Credit, 203 Diplomas, and 540 Associate Degrees. (Note: some students received multiple awards.)
  • The main campus consists of approximately 13.6 acres on the south side of Manchester Expressway, 20 acres on the north side, and 26 acres on River Road.
  • Columbus Technical College, through its Economic Development Department, provided training assistance to 329 companies and 36,895 training hours in AY2017.

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