CTC at a Glance

CTC at a Glance
  • The annual enrollment for the 2015 Academic Year (AY) at Columbus Technical College was approximately 5,041 students.
  • During AY2015, Columbus Technical College boasted a total job placement rate of approximately 98.5% with 89.4% in field.
  • About 90% of all Columbus Technical College graduates are employed within 50 miles of Columbus.
  • Close to 90% of Columbus Technical College students are recipients of some sort of financial aid. This includes: Pell, WIOA, VA, Vocational Rehab, HOPE, Scholarships and Dislocated Worker allotments.
  • Residents of Columbus, Georgia make up 65.4% of the student body of Columbus Technical College. Nearly all of the remaining students reside in a county adjacent to Muscogee County.
  • AY2015 saw 1,189 total students graduate from Columbus Technical College. The college awarded 681 Technical Certificates of Credit, 203 Diplomas, and 285 Associate Degrees. (Note: some students received multiple awards.)
  • The main campus consists of approximately 13.6 acres on the south side of Manchester Expressway, 20 acres on the north side, and 26 acres on River Road.
  • Columbus Technical College, through its Economic Development Department, provided training assistance to 172 companies and 51,921 training hours in AY2015.