CTC Foundation Scholarships

Many thanks to the Columbus Technical College Foundation donors for supporting student success. These named scholarships opportunities are an amazing way to honor a beloved family member, colleague, or an organization whose talent and energy are driven in a specific career area. Students:  please be aware that scholarships and grants have different application deadlines and/or requirements.

The Student Stipend Grant (for academic-related support) focuses on helping students who have good academic standing but need a little financial support to survive the semester/academic year. This grant does not have to be repaid to the Foundation.

The Foundation Student Loan Program exists to support students who have little to no financial aid. This loan does have to be paid back.

  1. Dr. Aranas Scholarship for Radiologic Technology students
  2. Astrid Baker Scholarship for medical program students
  3. The Bob Gilson Welding Scholarship
  4. W.G. “Griff” Hartline Scholarship for Registered Nursing students
  5. Paul & Velma Klayder Continuing Registered Nursing Scholarship
  6. Emile T. Fisher Foundation Scholarships for Dental Hygiene students
  7. Frank McManious Welding Scholarship
  8. HERSF Dental HygieneScholarship
  9. HERSF Dental Assisting Scholarship
  10. Family Connections Culinary Arts Scholarship
  11. GED Scholarship
  12. Georgia Association of Manufacturers Scholarship
  13. Gene Haas Engineering & Machining Scholarship
  14. Columbus Bar Association Scholarship for Paralegal students
  15. Gloria Dodds Johnson Community Advocate Scholarship – all students
  16. J. Robert Jones Student Support Grant – all students
  17. Kyle Kelch-Ehouse Memorial Scholarship
  18. Veterans Scholarship – all veteran students