President’s Leadership¬†Team

Name Office
Hoover, Lorette M., M.S. President
Askew, Tara, M.S. Vice President of Student Affairs
Baucham, Monique, M.B.A., M.T.S., Ed.S. Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness
Loyd, James, M.S., M.P.A. Vice President of Economic Development
Thomas, Karen, M.B.A. Vice President of Administrative Services
Thornton, Melanie, Ed.D. Vice President of Academic Affairs
Wilson, Tommy, A.A.T. Vice President of Operations
Myers, Cheryl, B.A. Exec. Dir. of Community and College Relations
Fletcher, David, M.A. Director of Institutional Advancement
Alexander, Mary, Dip. (Administrative support) Exec. Assistant to the President

Senior Administration

Name Office
Hensley, Kermelle D., ED.S. Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services
Henshaw, Deborah M., M.A. Assoc. Vice President of Financial Aid
McKenzie, Virginia, B.B.A. Associate Vice President of Admin. Services
Brown, Madeleyn N., B.B.A. Sr. Executive Director of Continuous Improvement
Hood, Patricia A., M.S. Exec. Director of Human Resources
Hopson, April, MBA, PLS Director of Adult Education
Ragan, Daniel, A.A.S. Director of Information Technology
Barnes, Thomas, M.P.A. Chief of Police