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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

A primary component of the SACSCOC reaffirmation of accreditation is the development of a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), a program designed to improve student learning and/or student success.

QEP Timeline

Year 0AY 2022Topic Selection QEP Outcomes defined QEP Name Selection and Literature Review QEP Pilot (Summer Semester 2022)
Year 1AY 2023Full S.O.S. Implementation Literature Review continued
Year 2AY 2024March 2024 – SACSCOC Compliance Certification with QEP Summary Summer 2024 – QEP Report Due
Year 3AY 2025Program Implementation Fall 2024 – SACSCOC On-Site Review Committee visit, QEP Feedback June 2025 – SACSCOC Board Review
Year 4AY 2026Program Continued or with Revised Implementation using QEP Feedback

QEP Committee

2025 Quality Enhancement Plan Committee

Chair: Carol Fuller, Mathematics Department Chair

Charge: Identify a QEP topic through the college’s ongoing, comprehensive planning and evaluation process.  Develop and implement a 5-year improvement plan for the college’s 2025 SACSCOC Reaffirmation

QEP Metrics

  • Students will be equipped with strategies that contribute to success in an online class
  • Completion of the Student Online Success training will increase online course completion rates
  • Completion of the Student Online Success training will increase semester to semester retention for students taking online classes

More Information

Check back often for updates about the 2025 Quality Enhancement Plan development process!