Simply put, Dual Enrollment is the express lane to a great future!  Dual Enrollment allows Georgia high school students to be dually-enrolled in their high school and college level classes at the same time. By doing so, these students can earn literally years’ worth of college credit and/or a technical degree, diploma or certification. These students enjoy FREE tuition, FREE use of books and any college resource. Once enrolled, these students become part of the Columbus Technical College family.

Classes may be offered at a student’s home high school or at our college campus. Dual Enrollment courses must meet both high school and college curriculum standards. Since Dual Enrollment classes generally cover more material than high school courses, they are most often taught by a college instructor.

Who is Eligible?
Eligible students in grades 11-12 seeking a high school diploma from an eligible Georgia high school, home school, or home study program. *For 10th-graders interested in the program, see program requirements for details.

Full-Time or Part-Time (Up to 15 Hours)

Who Pays?
The Georgia Student Finance Commission

Which Semesters?
Fall, Spring, and Summer

Dual Enrollment Application Process

How to Look Up Qualifying Scores

HOPE GPA – can only be looked up on the website.  Your HOPE GPA is NOT listed on your high school transcript.  If you have at least a 2.6 HOPE GPA after the completion of 10th grade, no other test scores are required.  If it does not automatically calculate then please update your GAfutures Profile to include your social security number and birthday.  The best way to capture the required information is by selecting/highlighting the two boxes (start with “student information” and end at “standardized test score reports received”).  Right click the selected/highlighted boxes to print as a PDF so it can be emailed as an attachment. 

PSAT –  scores can be looked up on the website.  Depending on your school district, most high school students take the PSAT in 8th grade and/or 10th grade.  The PSAT is a test administered during the regular school day.  The scores can be saved as a PDF to be sent as an email attachment.  Choose View Scores then download the report. 

SAT and ACT –  scores can be looked up on the website for SAT and on the website for ACT.  The SAT and ACT are not administered during the regular school day.  They require pre-registration, a fee, and usually scheduled on a Saturday morning.  You do not need to pay to send your scores to our college.  The scores can be saved as a PDF to be sent as an email attachment.  Choose View Scores then download the report. 

ELA Milestones –  scores can be looked up on Infinite Campus under SLDS Portal if you are a Muscogee County student.  If not, please ask your high school counselor for your scores.  An ELA Milestones score of at least a 525 will qualify you for most degree level classes except Math, Economics, or Science courses. 

To apply online for Dual Enrollment click HERE!

For Faxed forms – Forms need to be faxed to the attention of Dual Enrollment at (706) 321-5744.

For Scanned forms – Send scanned forms to:

For Mailed forms – Send to:

Columbus Technical College
Attn:  Dual Enrollment
928 Manchester Expressway
Columbus, GA  31904

Need more info? Call 706-649-1800 or Email:

Another option is Georgia’s Alternate Diploma Path. This law offers an alternate path to high school graduation for students who have completed certain requirements at their high school. In order to participate, students must have finished the 10th grade and successfully completed certain courses and all required tests associated with them. To answer any Dual Enrollment questions you may have, download this flyer, contact your high school counselor or call 706-649-1800.