• CTC offers over 200 programs in several different studies
  • 99% success rate in job placements for almost all graduates
  • Graduates can increase their annual earnings by up to $8,500
  • CTC has been helping students succeed for more than 60 years
  • Annual enrollment for the AY2021 was 4,439 students
  • CTC proudly serves a six-county service area: Chattahoochee, Muscogee, Harris, Quitman and Talbot
  • In AY2021, 57% of Columbus Tech students were 25 years old or younger, 10% were over 40
  • Nearly all Columbus Technical College students received some sort of financial aid in AY2021
  • AY2021 saw 1,386 students graduate, an increase of 8% over the prior year – 1,944 Technical Certificates of Credit, 271 Diplomas, and 521 Associate Degrees were awarded – some students received multiple awards
  • The main campus consists of approximately 13.6 acres on the south side of Manchester Expressway, 14.42 acres on the north side, and 27.2 acres on River Road
  • CTC’s Economic Development Department provided 12,155 total hours of customized training in AY2021

Approved Programs AY2020

Major DescriptionCIPLevel
A. S. – Health Sciences510000Degree
A. S. – Biology260101Degree
Applied Technical Management479999Degree
Automotive Technology470604Degree
Business Technology520401Degree
Culinary Arts120503Degree
Criminal Justice Technology430104Degree
Computer Programming110201Degree
Computer Support Specialist110301Degree
Dental Hygiene510602Degree
Diagnostic Medical Sonography510910Degree
Drafting Technology151301Degree
Early Childhood Care/Education131210Degree
Engineering Technology159999Degree
Funeral Service Education120301Degree
A. S. – General Studies240199Degree
Human Resource Management521001Degree
Industrial Systems Technology470303Degree
Information Technology Professional111005Degree
Major Appliance Technology470106Degree
Business Management520201Degree
Mechatronics Technology470303Degree
Nursing LPN Bridge Option513801Degree
Networking Specialist111001Degree
Paralegal Studies220302Degree
Pharmacy Technology510805Degree
Respiratory Care510908Degree
Radiologic Technology510911Degree
Sports and Fitness Management310504Degree
Surgical Technology510909Degree
Technical Studies479999Degree
Auto Collision Repair470603Diploma
Air Conditioning Technology470201Diploma
Automotive Fundamentals470604Diploma
Automotive Technology470604Diploma
Business Technology520401Diploma
Culinary Arts120503Diploma
Criminal Justice Technology430104Diploma
Computer Programming110201Diploma
Computer Support Specialist110301Diploma
CNC Technology480503Diploma
Dental Assisting510601Diploma
Diesel Equipment Technology470302Diploma
Drafting Technology151301Diploma
Early Childhood Care/Education131210Diploma
EMS Professions510904Diploma
Web Site Design/Development110801Diploma
Industrial Systems Technology470303Diploma
Information Technology Professional111005Diploma
Medical Assisting510801Diploma
Major Appliance Technology470106Diploma
Business Management520201Diploma
Mechatronics Technology470303Diploma
Precision Machining and Manufacturing480503Diploma
Networking Specialist111001Diploma
Paramedicine  Fort Benning Fire Dept510904Diploma
Practical Nursing513901Diploma
Paralegal Studies220302Diploma
Pharmacy Technology510805Diploma
Residential Carpentry460201Diploma
Welding and Joining Technology480508Diploma
3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping151399TCC
Automotive Transmission/Transaxle Tech Specialist470604TCC
AWS Cloud Solutions Specialist111001TCC
Automotive Collision Repair Assistant I470603TCC
Auto Basic Maintenance and Detailing Technician470604TCC
Acute Care Nurse Aide513902TCC
Air Conditioning Repair Specialist470201TCC
Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems Technicia470604TCC
Automotive Engine Performance Technician470604TCC
Automotive Engine Repair Technician470604TCC
Accounting Fundamentals520301TCC
Automotive Climate Control Technician470604TCC
Appliance Kitchen470106TCC
Android Mobile Programming110202TCC
Automotive Light Duty Diesel Engine Tech470604TCC
Mechatronics Specialist470303TCC
Automotive Refinishing Assistant II470603TCC
Appliance Apprentice Technician470106TCC
Appliance Refrigeration470106TCC
Automotive Refinishing Assistant I470603TCC
Administrative Support Assistant520408TCC
Automotive Chassis Technician Specialist470604TCC
Appliance Laundry470106TCC
Air Conditioning Technician Assistant470201TCC
Automotive Collision Repair Assistant II470603TCC
Accounting Clerk Assistant520302TCC
Business and Customer Service Technology520411TCC
Basic CNC Technician TCC480510TCC
Basic Electrical Technician460302TCC
Barbering for Cosmetologists120402TCC
Basic Machinist480503TCC
NCCER Basic Masonry460101TCC
Cabinetmaking Assembly Technician480703TCC
Computerized Accounting Specialist520302TCC
Certified Customer Service Specialist520411TCC
Certified Construction Worker460201TCC
Child Development Specialist190709TCC
Computer Forensic and Investigation Specialist111003TCC
Computer Hardware and Network Technician Certifica470104TCC
Cabinetmaking Installation Technician480703TCC
Cosmetology Instructor Training120413TCC
Criminal Justice Specialist430104TCC
Criminal Justice Fundamentals430104TCC
Certified Life and Health Insurance521701TCC
Certified Manufacturing Specialist150613TCC
Certified Microsoft Office Specialist110301TCC
Nurse Aide513902TCC
Cisco Network Specialist111001TCC
Culinary Nutrition Assistant120505TCC
Certified Personal Trainer310507TCC
Certified Production Technician520409TCC
Central Sterile Supply Processing Technician510909TCC
Computed Tomography Specialist510911TCC
Coronal Polishing510601TCC
Drafters Assistant151301TCC
Diesel Electrical/Electronic Systems Technician470605TCC
Diesel Engine Service Technician470613TCC
Diesel Truck Maintenance Technician470613TCC
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)510904TCC
Early College Essentials240199TCC
Early Childhood Care and Education Basics190709TCC
Early Childhood Exceptionalities131501TCC
Early Childhood Program Administration190708TCC
E-Learning Design and Development Specialist130501TCC
Entrepreneur Management520703TCC
Engineering Technology Fundamentals150201TCC
Radiology/EFDA Cert Dental Assisting510601TCC
Early Intervention for Autism Tutor131501TCC
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT)510904TCC
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)510904TCC
Family Child Care Specialist190709TCC
Framing Carpenter460201TCC
Food Production Worker I120505TCC
Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder480508TCC
Gas Metal Arc Welder480508TCC
Gas Tungsten Arc Welder480508TCC
Health Care Assistant510899TCC
Heavy Diesel Service Technician470302TCC
Healthcare Informatics Specialist510707TCC
Human Resource Management Specialist521001TCC
Health Care Science510000TCC
Industrial Construction I460201TCC
Infant/Toddler Child Care Specialist190709TCC
Industrial Electrician470303TCC
Industrial Fluid Power Technician470303TCC
Industrial Motor Controls Technician470303TCC
Web Site Designer110801TCC
Introduction to Child Care190709TCC
Management and Leadership Specialist520201TCC
Dual Enrollment Basic Shielded Arc Welder480508TCC
Medical Coding510713TCC
Microsoft Excel Application Specialist110301TCC
Microsoft Excel Application Professional110601TCC
Microsoft Office Specialist – Stand Alone TCC110899TCC
Medical Front Office Assistant510710TCC
Microsoft Office Applications Professional110301TCC
Microsoft Office Application Specialist110301TCC
Dual Enrollment Gas Metal Arc Welder480508TCC
Microsoft Network Administrator111001TCC
Microsoft Word Application Specialist110301TCC
Microsoft Word Application Professional110601TCC
Network Administrator111001TCC
Network Support Specialist111001TCC
Nail Technician120410TCC
Network Technician111001TCC
Network Technician111001TCC
Office Accounting Specialist520302TCC
Organizational Leadership Basics520201TCC
Organizational Leadership Specialist520201TCC
Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welder480508TCC
Payroll Accounting Specialist520302TCC
Pharmacist’s Assistant510805TCC
Prep Cook120505TCC
Programmable Control Technician470303TCC
Paralegal Fundamentals220302TCC
Phlebotomy Technician511009TCC
Residential Care Attendant513902TCC
Small Business Management Specialist520201TCC
Small Business Ownership520201TCC
Site Layout Footings and Foundations460201TCC
Supervisor/Management Specialist520201TCC
Service Supervision Specialist520201TCC
Service Sector Management Specialist520201TCC
Shampoo Technician120401TCC
Technical Specialist231303TCC
Tax Preparation Specialist520302TCC