CTC Foundation Scholarship Applications Open August 9th – September 10

Scholarship applications open up August 9th!  All majors are invited to apply for scholarships. If you need more information about the scholarships offered, please click the icon to the left. The Foundation offers a number of named scholarships established to help students in specific programs.

Please use your student credentials to log in IN THE YELLOW BOX  here:

The scholarships for which you are eligible to apply for will populate for you according to your student information in Banner. Most scholarships require a that you have a specific GPA.  Please do not wait until the last minute to apply.  You may be required to write an essay or provide a letter of recommendation.

Please note the following:

  • Reviewers who are outside of our faculty and staff review these applications and will see your GPA and personal information.Allowing them access for this purpose is a condition of applying.
  • ALL SCHOLARSHIPS, except the Hoover Scholarship and the Eichman Award, will be paid directly to the student’s account in the business office.
  • All recipients must participate in Columbus Tech’s virtual awards presentation ceremony by being videotaped and photographed on a designated date and time.Failure to participate means you will forfeit any award.

Please contact Susan Sealy at or 706 649-1016 if you experience technical difficulties.  Often trying a different browser or using a computer instead of a smart phone, or vice versa, takes care of the issue.