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Although manufacturing is a mainstay of our economy, current projections indicate that over 2 million jobs will remain unfilled due to an ongoing skills gap. As a result, the manufacturing sector is experiencing a critical need for well-trained, skilled workers.

Our mission is to provide students the foundational and advanced technical skills required for a new career or career progression. In addition, we strive to assist local industry in attracting and retaining employees who are critical to their company’s success.


Forklift Operator Safety

This comprehensive program is designed to provide participants the knowledge and skills required to operate a forklift safely. The OSHA compliant course combines classroom instruction, operation and driving of a sit-down lift truck. Upon successful completion of a written exam and driving assessment, participants receive a certificate of completion that can be presented to current or perspective employers. All materials are provided. Lift truck operation and driving assessments are conducted outdoors.

OSHA 10-Hour Safety—General Industry

The OSHA 10-Hour course is suitable for participants who work in general industry and have some level of responsibility for safety in the workplace. Our OSHA authorized trainer emphasizes a variety of the 29 CFR 1910 regulations related to the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards. The course is delivered over two or three days based on the specified dates and classroom hours. Upon successful completion of the class, participants will receive a training certificate and OSHA 10 wallet card.

OSHA 30-Hour Safety—General Industry

The OSHA 30-Hour course is suitable for health, safety, compliance, and other professionals who ensure the safety of employees. Our OSHA authorized trainer emphasizes the hazards workers may encounter on a job site—with emphasis on hazard identification, avoidance, control and prevention. The course is delivered over four days. Participants who successfully complete the training will receive a training certificate and an official OSHA-30 wallet card.

Backflow Prevention Tester and Recertification

This course is designed for participants who have prior experience in plumbing, irrigation, fire prevention, water distribution systems or related areas. The backflow class includes the basic concepts of hydraulics and field test procedures, troubleshooting backflow prevention assemblies and the occurrence of backflow under various circumstances. Course content also includes the different type of cross-connections along with the degrees of hazard associated with each. The course prepares participant to take the backflow prevention tester certification exam.

Training and Certification Programs

Certified Production Technician (CPT)

CPT is a nationally portable, industry-led program that prepares and certifies individuals for career pathways in advanced manufacturing. This online training program delivers the 21st Century, in-demand skills that today’s employers need for over 6 million frontline production jobs.

Full Certified Production Technician (CPT) certification consists of 5 stackable credentials: Safety & Employability, Manufacturing Process & Production, Quality Practices & Measurement, Maintenance Awareness, and Green Production.

Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) and Technician (CLT)

CLA and CLT are nationally portable, industry-led programs that prepare individuals for front-line material handling and supply chain logistics jobs in fulfillment centers, warehouses, distribution centers, and factories. This online training program includes a stackable certification for employees with the 21st Century, in-demand skills needed for long-term career paths in over 5.8 million supply chain logistics jobs.

CLA is the foundational-level logistics certification and is required before continuing to the CLT mid-level program. Course content includes:

  • Operation and use of equipment
  • Safety principles
  • Quality control principles
  • Work communication practices
  • Computer systems and applications
  • Receiving and processing product
  • Shipping processes
  • Inventory control
  • Safe handling of hazardous materials
  • Transportation modes
  • U.S. measurements and metric system conversions
Certified Manufacturing Specialist (CMS)

The Certified Manufacturing Specialist (CMS) program prepares students for entry level positions that allow graduates, through time and experience, to gain the knowledge and skills to advance in the manufacturing industry. This course trains participants to assist more experienced workers and provides the foundational skills often required for apprenticeship programs. This certification can provide students a competitive advantage in a short amount of time. The program can be completed in one semester and requires 11 total credit hours.

CourseSemester Hours
Manufacturing Organizational Principles1
Manufacturing Workforce Skills2
Manufacturing Production Requirements1
Automated Manufacturing Skills3
Representative Manufacturing Skills4

Customized Workforce Training

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Logistics and Warehousing
  • Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Production Operator/Technician Training
  • Maintenance Assessments