1. Complete the application for admission and pay the $25 non-refundable application fee.

  2. Submit an official copy of your high school or high school equivalency transcript.

    1. High School Graduates

      • Submit your official high school transcript showing the graduation date
      • Submit official AP scores via
      • The transcript can be mailed or hand-delivered in a sealed envelope
      • Electronically delivered transcripts are preferred.  Please submit to
      • The high school must be accredited by an agency included on the TCSG approved accreditation list. View approved accreditation list.
      • High school Certificates of Attendance or other certificates, credentials, or documents where the student did not complete all required coursework or testing required for a high school diploma in that state are not recognized for admission purposes
    2. High School Equivalency (GED, HISET etc.) Graduates

      • Submit your high school equivalency transcript showing passing scores on all sections of the test
      • Official high school equivalency transcripts can be mailed or hand-delivered in a sealed envelope
      • They can be requested electronically at
    3. Home School Students

      1. Applicants who were home schooled at an accredited program must submit:
        • Annual progress reports or a final transcript for the equivalent of the homeschooled student’s junior and senior years;
          • The final progress report or transcript must include the graduation date.
      2. Applicants who attended a non-accredited high school or home school must submit an official transcript and one of the following:
        • Official scores from an assessment instrument meeting college established required minimums per 6.2.1p.a2.  TCSG Placement Chart
        • Successful completion of 12 hours of college coursework for credit that appear on an official college transcript.
    4. Exceptions

      • to numbers 1, 2, and 3 above include those students seeking enrollment into an approved basic workforce certificate that does not require a high school diploma or high school equivalency for admission, as listed in 6.2.1p.a2  Program Placement Information.
  3. Submit proof of lawful presence and proof of Georgia residency to qualify for in-state tuition.

    1. Alabama residents from Lee, Chambers, Russell, and Barbour counties may qualify Reciprocity, which grants the in-state tuition rate.