Hire a Columbus Technical College Student or Graduate

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Our graduates come with a GUARANTEE*:

As a demonstration of our confidence in the quality of our technical college programs, the Technical College System of Georgia [TCSG] warrants every graduate of our technical college programs offering a technical certificate of credit, diploma, or associate degree as follows: The warranty guarantees that the graduate has demonstrated the knowledge and skills and can perform each competency as identified in the industry-validated Standard or Program Guide. Any program graduate who is determined to lack such competence shall be retrained at no cost to the employer or the graduate for tuition or instructional fees.

A claim against the warranty may be filed by either an employer in conjunction with a graduate or a graduate if the individual is unable to perform one or more of the competencies contained in the industry-validated Standard or Program Guide, including failure to pass a State of Georgia required licensing examination.

This warranty is applicable only to graduates of a technical certificate of credit, diploma, or degree program who entered the program subsequent to the mandated standards implementation date.

The warranty shall remain in effect for two years immediately following the date of graduation and shall be honored by any technical college that offers the program from which the individual graduated.

This warranty shall be issued in writing to each graduate entering a program on or after the mandated standards implementation date for the applicable program standard. The Commissioner shall develop procedures for implementing this policy such that the technical college conducting the retraining under the warranty may recover the institutional costs of retraining from the technical college that conducted the original program.

The Commissioner shall resolve any disputes pertaining to this warranty policy.

*This guarantee applies to any graduate of the College who is employed in the field of his or her training. The guarantee is in effect for a period of two years after graduation. To inquire about or file a claim under this warranty, please contact the Academic Affairs Office at 706-649-1845.

Work Ethics

The Technical College System of Georgia and Columbus Technical College promote a formal program to address ethics in the workplace. As part of the teaching process, students are evaluated on ten traits identified as essential by business and industry leaders. Learn more about work ethics at Columbus Technical College.