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Applied Leadership

Now more than ever, employers are looking for team members and leaders who possess good communication, interpersonal, team building, workplace behavior, and management skills. These essential skills apply to all occupations and business sectors—providing team members and their organization a competitive advantage. We are pleased to offer a number of customizable courses that are delivered in several formats. Through activities, exercises, role plays, discussions and simulations, participants are an active and integral part of each training session. These courses are appropriate for employees with various levels of responsibility.

Courses Offered

Root Cause Analysis

Learn and apply a variety of Root Cause Analysis tools, techniques, and tips. Adapt your thinking process to identify what really happened, how it happened, and why it happened. The seminar also guides participants to expose concealed biases, how un-reflected experience blinds, and how 90 percent of thinking errors are the result of perception, not logic. Participants also learn to define and apply robust and long-lasting solutions, not Band-Aids, in order to prevent organizational problems from occurring again.

Critical Thinking and Decision Making

Learn a comprehensive and practical methodology to make sound decisions for your organization. Improve thinking habits, making them more informed, methodical, consistent, and efficient. Apply tips and techniques to examine problems from a variety of perspectives, leading to better ideas. This seminar also illustrates a decision-making tool that has enabled military combat organizations to choose the best option before major battles.

Results-Oriented Writing

Plan your written communication in a time-saving and effective fashion, driven by your purpose, audience, and subject (PAS). Learn how to use written communication as an instrument to fix or mitigate organizational challenges — with grace, effectiveness, and politeness (corporate-smart English). Cleverly respond to workplace situations and apply critical thinking when you write. Learn how to write for effect – in a clear, concise, complete, and correct fashion all the time. Unlike traditional methodologies, this seminar uses real-world scenarios to ensure that participants apply what they learn.

Consideration of Others and Ethics

This seminar enhances the participants’ situational awareness on how their actions affect others and their own success. It contributes to build a cohesive work environment that embraces diversity and collaboration. The seminar uncovers hidden biases through real-world exercises. It integrates ethics to do what is right, and guides participants to put the mission and others first.

Critical Workplace Communication

Exponentially improve verbal and non-verbal communication. Learn and put in practice how to: focus on the three critical segments of messages, use read-back techniques to confirm full messages, interpret and use body language, overcome communication barriers, prevent workplace conflict, and more. This seminar also accentuates the main communication element: listening. Sadly, many individuals listen to plan their next move, not to understand or learn.

21st Century Skills

Effectively communicate and work with coworkers, aiming at common goals. Apply problem-solving techniques that examine all factors and focus on long-lasting solutions. Enhance creativity by examining challenges from various perspectives outside of common or traditional boundaries.

Forward-Thinking Techniques for Corporate Transformations

This seminar focuses on practical and easy-to-use tactics, techniques, and tips. Packed with exercises and scenarios, the instruction illustrates proven steps that not only get employees’ buy-in, but also their active participation during times of change. The interactive exercises will enable your managers to make your change endeavors better, easier, and simpler. They will learn to apply, not to forget; and find plenty of life-long leadership strategies, experiencing a number of “aha moments” – guaranteed.

Speaking and Presenting Like a Leader: From the Conference Call to the Conference Room

Speaking with eloquence is important, but communicating with earnestness is explosively effective. If you are a good speaker or presenter, we will make you great. This seminar teaches and puts in practice invaluable and actionable techniques that will help leaders to speak and present with effect — be bold, be respected, and be effective every time they speak, regardless of the location and the occasion — conference rooms, teleconferences, hallways, and parking lots.

Effective Leadership and Management in Modern Times

Ideal for junior managers and for seasoned leaders who understand that leadership is about continuing learning. This seminar is about leading people to make things happen — about getting the results you want. The instruction includes key principles and techniques aimed at effectively leading in modern times. It emphasizes how to guide, inspire, energize, and coach people in the right direction as well as how to follow five preeminent principles for success. The instruction also accentuates the most neglected leadership practices.

Communicating Expectations and Effective One-on-Ones

This dynamic instruction focuses on coaching strategies and proven techniques that ensure your expectations are fully understood. It illustrates how to: define goals, use one-on-ones to empower employees, open clear lines of communication, recognize and motivate employees, provide and receive feedback, and build mutual trust. It also demonstrates tips to help managers to be more assertive, commanding, and respectful when dealing with challenging employees.

The Secrets of Real Team Building: What Your Mentor Never Told You

The best talents make the best teams – right? If that were the case, why did the US basketball team, with 12 NBA players, finished third during the world championship of 2006? Basketball is a business and a team effort. The seminar focuses on what a real team should be and do. It also illustrates easy to apply tips and techniques to bring the very best out of employees, fostering an environment in which people feel they are valued contributors to the organization.

Stimulating Productivity: Street-Smart Employee Engagement

A fully-engaged employee is not only much more productive, he is also your best marketing instrument. The seminar focuses on five easy to apply techniques to improve employee engagement. The instruction also includes dynamic discussions of real-world scenarios. This is time well spent. Why? Scores of studies reveal that employee engagement strategies and techniques correlate with employee turnover, productivity, workplace safety, quality, absenteeism, and customer service.

Communicating to Get Things Done (Supervisory Communication)

Many leaders talk. Others communicate. However, very few leaders communicate and connect with their employees. This seminar is about connecting to communicate and exercising emotional intelligence as critical factors in effective interactions with others. It also covers: how to tailor messages according to your audience, the power of body language, and how to overcome communication barriers. The seminar also accentuates how to speak with authority and assertiveness but, at the same time, with respect and professionalism.

Communicating to Connect with Customers

Your customers’ opinions about your organization are vital. Who is your organization? Answer: each person who is in contact with customers. Great organizations not only talk with, but also connect with customers. This seminar fully illustrates how to interact with customers, all the time. If you want happy customers who would speak highly of your organization, this seminar is for you and for your employees – an investment that will pay big dividends.