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The Foundation Board of Trustees is vested with the responsibility of the management of all affairs, property and business of the Foundation. The Board also provides broad advice, consultation, and support to the President of the College, as well as serving as an ambassador for the College and its Foundation in the community.

Executive Committee

 Greg Paul, CHAIR
Sandman Investment Group


Janeen Tucker, Vice Chair
Pratt and Whitney


Monte Galbraith, SECRETARY
DNA Textile Group

Attorney, Morgan & Lyle, P.C.
Jack Tinkler IV, PAST CHAIR
Servis First Bank


Will Barnes
Principal Architect, Barnes Gibson Architects
Ashley H. Chapman, CHC
Chief Operating Officer
Houston Clinic
Monte Galbraith
President, DNA Textile group
Jamie Herndon 
Herndon Construction, LLC. 



Aline F. Lasseter, CFRE 
Executive Director, Piedmont Columbus Regional Foundation
Suzanne F. McCluskey
Community Volunteer
Shaun Roberts
NAIG2 Commercial Real-Estate
Jack Hays
NAIG2 Commercial Real-Estate
Kai Gary
Tempststar Service Co LLC Heating & Air
Malon Wickham
Mike Gunter