Please review the instructions below for how to set up your passwords with Multi-Factor Authentication:

The Okta portal is used for single sign access to all primary applications you will use here at Columbus Technical College. To access the portal, please go to: 

Okta Quick Start Guide

Student okta usernames are created by combing the student’s initials (lowercase: first, middle, and last) with the last 4 digits of their Student ID.

Student okta passwords contain the student’s initials (lowercase), a dash (-), followed by their birthday (MMDDYY).

In our example the student’s username is mrk0182 and their password is mrk-110597 (student was born November 5, 1997).

Note: If your username and password do not work or you do not have a middle name, omit the middle initial from username and password.


1)  Go to Enter your okta username and click Next.


         2)  Enter your okta password and click Verify.




3)  Click Set up and proceed to next screen.

4)  Choose or create a security question, enter answer, and click Verify.


5)  Choose a security method (required).

We will choose the Phone Set up option.

6)  We will choose the SMS (text) option.  Enter a phone number and click Receive a code via SMS.


7)  This step is optional. If you do not want to add another security method, click Set up later.  We will choose the Okta Verify option.

8)  Click Set up to proceed to the next screen.  Note: You will need two devices to set up Okta Verify, typically a PC or Mac and a smart phone.


9)  Download the Okta Verify app from the App Store (iPhone or iPad) or Google Play (Android devices) and open the app.  Note: If asked for an Organizational URL enter  When prompted, tap Scan a QR code and then scan the QR code.


10)  Once you set up your security method(s) you will have access to your apps.  Note: You can click and drag apps to a location of your choosing.

To download these instructions to a word document, click HERE.

On how to enable plugins, please click HERE for instructions on how to do so.


If you need assistance with this process, please visit the Computer Support Lab located in Patrick Hall – Room 132 or call 706-641-5020.