Columbus Technical College is committed to assisting each student to achieve their maximum potential. All students applying to Columbus Tech will be admitted after satisfying one Academic Criteria. Students will then be advised and allowed to register in accordance to the academic standards applicable to their chosen program.

In accordance with the Statement of Equal Opportunity, the System and its constituent Technical Colleges will not discriminate in admissions.

Academic Criteria for Admission:

  1. To be admitted by all Technical Colleges, applicants must satisfy one of the six academic readiness paths below:
  • High school graduates must submit an official high school transcript, including graduation date, that reflects the student has met the attendance, academic, and/or assessment requirements for the state’s Board of Education or equivalent agency.
    • High school diplomas/transcripts must be issued from a state recognized secondary institution.
      • Applicants with diplomas from secondary schools located outside the United States must have their transcripts translated and evaluated for equivalency by an approved outside evaluation organization. 
      • High school Certificates of Attendance or other certificates, credentials, or documents where the student did not complete all required coursework or testing required for a high school diploma in that state are only recognized for programs not requiring a high school credential or equivalency.
  • Submission of an official transcript reflecting the student has passed an examination or completed a program the state recognizes as the equivalent of a high school diploma (e.g. GED, HiSET, Career Plus HSE).
  • Exceptions to requirements a. or  b. include those students seeking enrollment into an approved basic workforce certificate that does not require a high school diploma, or high school equivalency for admission as listed on Attachment 6.2.1p.a2 Program Placement Information.
  • Submission of an official transcript from one or more previously attended postsecondary institutions (accredited by an accepted accrediting agency) reflecting the successful completion of a minimum of 12 semester or 18 quarter credit hours of coursework at the post-secondary level or successful completion of a college level math and English course.
  • Applicants who were home schooled who attended an accredited program must submit:
    • annual progress reports or a final transcript for the equivalent of the homeschooled student’s junior and senior years;
    • The final progress report or transcript must include the graduation date.
  • Service members of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, or Navy may submit an official copy of their DD Form 214 or other official documentation of military service indicating high school graduate or equivalent.
  • Exception: Presidents of Technical Colleges may waive the high school diploma/high school equivalency requirement for those pursuing a high school equivalency who are otherwise eligible to enroll in a specific program of study.