Heather Morgan’s influence is wide-reaching and her passion for helping others is contagious. Read more here!

While she’s only been a full time instructor in the Columbus Technical College’s Adult Education division for a short three years, Heather Morgan’s influence is wide-reaching and her passion for helping others is contagious. For those reasons – and several others – Morgan has been named the winner of Columbus Technical College’s Rick Perkins/Tim Justice Instructor of the Year for 2017. Morgan is living proof that despite the best plans, sometimes fate makes decisions for you.

“I always thought I’d be teaching Shakespeare or AP English Literature at a high school somewhere, but I fell in love with the students and the Adult Ed program,” Morgan said. “I connect with the students because I also have a GED. (I quit my senior year but still managed to get in the Air Force due to a high ASVAB score and a great recruiter!) It’s rewarding to work with adults who are so motivated to learn. Being able to directly see their progress in reading and writing and watch their self-esteem become boosted along the way is awesome. Sometimes, the students’ whole idea about who they are and what they can do changes right before your eyes, and sharing in their excitement and joy when they pass a part of their test is amazing.”

Heather Morgan loves to read anything she can get her hands on including literature, books, short stories, and the like. Her mission as an Adult Education instructor is to inspire others to change their negative mindset about reading. Morgan is thrilled when students share with her that they’ve started to read with their children or grandchildren.

The 41-year-old single mom of two college students lives in the Tazewell community in Marion County. In addition to her busy life as a teacher, she is also a student herself – studying for her GRE in hopes of entering into a graduate level program for her Master’s degree.

As the Instructor of the Year winner from Columbus Technical College, Heather Morgan will compete with teachers from technical colleges in our region and the state. The winner for the entire technical college system will be announced in Atlanta this spring.

Congratulations, Heather Morgan. You are a true inspiration.