Students bring home silver medal

Columbus Technical College student Leonard Kawi knows his major appliance stuff and now he has the medal to prove it.  Kawi earned the silver medal at this year's national SkillsUSA competition held recently in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Silver Medalist Leonard Kawi
Silver Medalist Leonard Kawi

The technical college students who competed on the national stage were all gold medal winners in their home state.

Also doing Columbus Tech proud were it's criminal justice/crime scene investigation team of Lionel Roache, Nijah Wyatt, and Kim Hang Ho who placed number eight in the nation.

Criminal Justice Skills USA Team
Criminal Justice students (from right) Lionel Roache, Nijah Wyatt, and Kim Hang Ho.  Also pictured is SkillsUSA advisor Charlotte Bush.

Air conditioning technology student Nicholas Hobbs placed 11th. 

Air Conditioning Technology student Nicholas Hobbs.

Congratulations to all who participated!  The 2020 national SkillsUSA competition will be held in Atlanta.  For more information on this amazing organization and what it provides for students, visit their website.