1. Students applying for competitive admission are strongly encouraged to attend an information session.
  2. Program Ranking is performed using a program-specific Excel spreadsheet with 60% of the ranking coming from competitive GPA and 40% from HESI A2 scores.
  3. Program applications will be available on our website two(2)weeks prior to published deadlines. Students must submit an electronic application for each program they wish to apply for at that time. All application information will be reviewed in the Division of Health Sciences and Nursing and then sent to admissions for competitive ranking.
  4. Students who hold college degrees must compete in the same areas as students without previous degrees, including HESI A2 exam.
  5. Current CTC students in competitive health sciences or nursing programs CANNOT apply for another competitive health sciences or nursing program until completion of their present program.
  6. All pre-requisite courses must be complete at the time of the application deadline date.
  7. Transfer credits – Student’s official transcripts/grades from all institutions must be received by CTC’s Admissions Office by the deadline date.
    1. All accredited health sciences and nursing programs have state or national guidelines and standards that students must successfully meet to complete the program. However, the curriculum varies widely between each program. For example, some programs operate in the quarter system, while others utilize semesters. Furthermore, each programs’ courses are structured differently and may be taught in a different order. Therefore, Columbus Technical College will not accept transfer credit from other accredited colleges and universities for previously completed nursing or health sciences programs’ occupational courses. Additionally, no military credits and/or nursing experience while working in the military will be accepted.
  8. Competitive ranking will be based on:
    1. Designated course grades used for competitive ranking are indicated by an asterisk* on program sequence sheets on the CTC web page. All pre-requisites must be completed at the time of program application with a grade of C or higher.
      1. Students will be given one opportunity to improve their grades for all prerequisite courses while enrolled at Columbus Technical College. The higher-grade will be used for ranking.
        * Financial Aid will only pay for two attempts with a passing grade.
      2. Science courses (BIOL 2113 & 2113L, 2114 & 2114L, 2117 & 2117L,
        CHEM 1211 & 1211L and PHYS 1110 & 1110L, ALHS 1011) used for
        competitive admission cannot be more than 7 years old or the course must be re-taken. Any science courses more than 7 years old will not be used for competitive ranking.
    2. HESI A2 exam scores
      1. For degree programs, the student must achieve a score of 70 or higher to be eligible to apply. (Associate Degree Nursing-RN, Radiologic Technology, Respiratory Care Technology, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Surgical Technology, Dental Hygiene)
      2. For diploma programs, the student must achieve a score of 60 or higher to be eligible. (Practical Nursing, Dental Assisting)
      3. The test may be taken a total of two times per calendar year. The test results are only good for a two-year period.
      4. The test is administered through our testing center. Call 706-649-1822 to sign up for the exam. The cost of the exam is $48.00 and a test sitting fee of $25.00, for a total of $73.00.
      5. CTC’s specific exam will cover the following topics:
        1. Reading comprehension
        2. Vocabulary and General Knowledge
        3. Grammar
        4. Basic Math skills
        5. Biology
        6. Anatomy and Physiology
      6. Below is the study guide published by the company that publishes the exam. All other study guides are distributed by other publishers and therefore cannot be validated by the college.
      7. There is also free study material through our virtual library via Galileo under the test prep software called Mometrix . Once in Mometrix, click on nursing and scroll to HESI A2 Secrets and HESI A2 Practice Questions to begin.

*Students may begin applying online 2 weeks prior to program deadline

ProgramDeadline to turn
application in to Health
Associate Degree Nursing (Spring Semester Start)September 15th
Associate Degree Nursing (Fall Semester Start)June 1st
Dental AssistingFebruary 15th
Dental HygieneJune 1st
Diagnostic Medical SonographySeptember 15th
Practical NursingFebruary 15th
Radiologic TechnologySeptember 15th
Respiratory CareSeptember 15th
Surgical TechnologyFebruary 15th