Columbus Technical College is pleased to introduce its virtual website assistant, or chatbot, ALPHIE. ALPHIE’s name came from a campus-wide contest where faculty, staff, and students submitted their naming suggestions along with an explanation of why the name was chosen. After reviewing nearly 70 entries, nursing student Rachel Schoenholz’s ALPHIE came out on top.

In her entry, Schoenholz explained that ALPHIE is a play on the word Alpha – meaning first or priority- and Columbus Tech is the Alpha school.

“Meet ALPHIE! He’s your first friend you will meet on the Columbus Technical College website,” Schoenholz wrote. “He is your first stop to finding more information about financial aid, enrolling, and campus tours!”

For winning the contest, Rachel Schoenholz won a basket of CTC swag and a $50 gift card to the campus book store. Congratulations to Rachel and welcome, ALPHIE!

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