Official Withdrawal

When a student withdraws from all courses, the student is considered to be withdrawn from the College. Students who are contemplating withdrawal should confer with an advisor in the CARE Center, Hartline Room 160.

If a decision to withdraw is made, students may complete and return a Withdrawal Form in-person to the CARE Center or online. The withdrawal form must be completed and returned/submitted to the CARE Center. The student’s official last date of attendance will be the date the student notified the CARE Center.

Students who do not formally withdraw from a class(es) are UNOFFICAL WITHDRAWALS AND liable for all tuition, fees, and associated expenses. Student- initiated course withdrawal policies are also applicable to school withdrawals.

Unofficial Withdrawal

As a college, Columbus Tech does not have an official attendance policy after the ‘no show’ period has ended. However, students cannot receive aid for a term’s worth of work if they were not present to do work during that full term. A student who earns all Fs in a given term or a combination of Fs and Ws (meaning the student withdrew from a class) may be considered an ‘unofficial withdrawal’. Unofficial withdrawals are those who cease attending class(es). Faculty must enter a last date of attendance for students who earn a grade of ‘F’ for the class. Once grades are submitted and faculty rosters are verified at the end of a term, unofficial withdrawals (those who earned the F due to ceasing participation) may be required to return unearned federal funds to the college and/or the U.S. Department of Education. Students who truly earned Fs that were not due to ceasing attendance are not considered to have withdrawn; therefore, those students’ aid is not recalculated for the class(es) in question. As well, official and unofficial withdrawals negatively affect a student’s SAP and could result in the loss of future funding.

Midpoint Withdrawal Procedure for Unofficial Withdrawals:

A student who wishes to withdraw form school must notify the school in writing and verbally. Students failing to notify school about withdrawal intentions will have 50% of the payment period as withdrawal date unless a later date can be accurately determined based on coursework activity. Coursework activity includes submitting assignments, exams, and discussions. Presence in a classroom, whether it be virtual or physical, does not constitute participation for determining coursework activity.

It is strongly recommended that students check with either Financial Aid or the CARE Center before withdrawing, in order to determine how this will impact their financial aid.