Fees and Holds

If you will make a payment to Columbus Technical College by check, please review the Check Acceptance Policy.

Fees and Holds

Through Banner Web, students may view current fees/payments and holds. Tuition must be paid by the deadlines set forth in the Registration Schedule to avoid being dropped from classes for non-payment. In addition, paying fees and clearing any holds will ensure that a student will not be blocked from activities such as:

  • registering for future classes
  • requesting a transcript
  • graduating

Viewing Your Information

  1. Log in to Banner Web: train1.columbustech.edu/pls/ban8/twbkwbis.P_WWWLogin.
  2. From the Main Menu, select the Student Services & Financial Aid option.
  3. From the Student Services Menu, select the Student Records option.
  4. You may view current fees/payments, or all fees/payments (including historical information) using the Account Summary by Term and Account Summary options. In addition, you can view any holds on your account using the View Holds option.