Columbus Technical College students facing tough and often unpredictable hardships have access to a financial helping hand through the CTC Foundation. The Student Assistance fund helps students continue their programs of study should an emergency arise. With the current state of COVID-19 and the economic challenges that came with it, a generous $5,000 grant from Wells Fargo means even more to Columbus Tech students. They will be able to finish what they’ve started.

“This grant means everything and we could not be more grateful,” said Executive Director of Institutional Advancement, Susan Sealy. “When nearly 60 percent of your college’s student population qualifies for federal Pell dollars, having a financial safety net can – and does – make a huge difference.”

There are several stipulations for a student to qualify for emergency student assistance funds. These include proving a financial hardship, maintaining a solid GPA, and already having a minimum number of credit hours toward a Columbus Tech credential.

Sealy said, “The maximum request for emergency funding is $250. While that may not sound like a lot to some people, to our students, it can mean being able to stay in school and remain on track to graduate and start a career that will support their families.”

For more information on the Columbus Tech Foundation and how it helps students, visit the CTC Foundation website.

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