Columbus Technical College is helping students and their families get connected to some much-needed technology. The college has installed dozens of WiFi Rangers™ in strategic spots all across its six-county service area. The Rangers can extend Wi-Fi signals for up to a half-mile and with today’s teaching and learning platforms being so reliant on the Internet, having access to Wi-Fi is a true game-changer. The superintendent of Chattahoochee County Schools, Dr. Kristie Brooks, says the WiFi Rangers™ are making a huge difference.

“Being a rural community, we don’t have access to the Internet or the money to set up the needed connectivity,” Dr. Brooks said. “What Columbus Tech is doing is so exciting and is making a real impact on our students and their families. It allows the hybrid learning platform to reach all corners of Chattahoochee, even the most remote areas.”

Chattahoochee County School IT Director Kalan Collazo and Superintendent Dr. Kristie Brooks pick up their WiFi Rangersfrom Columbus Tech’s IT department.

The WiFi RangersTM are already in operation in Chattahoochee County, Columbus, Phenix City, Harris County, Talbot County and Stewart County.  Additional Rangers are currently being placed as more locations that are easily accessible to Columbus Tech students are identified.

“Today’s learning environment is so dependent on reliable Wi-Fi and Internet. Columbus Tech sees this as a great way to give back and provide access to resources many of our students and their families wouldn’t have otherwise,” said Columbus Technical College President Martha Ann Todd. “The Internet is a standard tool in our educational world and we want to make sure it’s available and accessible for anyone who wants it.”

The units were funded through a grant and are being installed in strategic locations like community resource offices, churches, parks, and recreation centers. Columbus Technical College’s IT department assisted with configuring, installing, and troubleshooting the WiFi Rangers™.

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