As a non-residential institution, Columbus Technical College expects students to secure normal medical services through a family physician; however, in the event of serious injury or other medical emergencies, the nearest instructor or staff member will notify (if appropriate) 911 or an available administrator/or the switchboard operator at 649-1800. Professional emergency care, if needed, will be secured by the administration. The College refers serious accidents or illnesses to the nearest hospital (or hospital of the student’s choice) for emergency care, and notifies the student’s next of kin. Students understand that they or their families, not the College, are responsible for the cost of such emergency care including any necessary ambulance service.

Students are given information on drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) through: literature,video presentations health consultants, drug and alcohol referral information, on-campus counseling, pamphlets in the student lounge & Library.

Proper health and safety practices are used in each program of study. Faculty or staff may refer students to respected community service agencies or organizations. Pamphlets and brochures on community health service are available in the Admissions Office, student lounge, and Library.

Columbus Technical College is certified with the United States Department of Education Drug Prevention Program. Through this program, the College certifies that it has adopted and implemented a drug prevention program for students and employees.


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